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Welcome to the FaithFuturesWIki community ...

The wiki technology that makes this site possible, also offers opportunities for us to create an active online community for people with an interest in historical Jesus research and the application of findings from that research to our lives, our faith communities and the global society of which we are all members.

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Many of us will already be involved in one or more of the following organizations:

  • FaithFutures Foundation
  • CPRT: The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought in Australia and New Zealand [1]
  • SnowStar Institute of Religion in Canada[2]
  • TCPC, The Center for Progressive Christianity [3]
  • Associates or Fellows of the Westar Institute,[4] home of the Jesus Seminar
  • The Sea of Faith network[5]

Feel free to use the EDIT function above to add other groups of which you are a member, together with their web address. If your organisation is a progressive faith community, please put the information on the Progressive Communities page rather than here.

For some this will be the only place we have found so far to engage in the revisioning of our religious traditions in the light of new information from research into religion, the arts and humanities, and the sciences.

Whatever path has brought you to this place, we welcome you and invite you to join us in building an online community centered around the creation of truly useful and easily-accessible information for people and communities wishing to reimagine the world in the light of the material gathered here.

You may wish to create a user page that has some details about yourself and your interests, including links to your other sites such as blogs, web pages and similar online resources. The limits to what can be achioeved here are really set by the boundaries of our own creativity, and FaithFutures Foundation is happy to provide a meeting place in cyberspace for you to make connections.

Our only requirement of those who would participate in this enterprise is that we each agree to act in accordance with the Foundation's Guiding Principles and Core Values.

Our preference is to work collaborately, in the style of a traditional "wisdom circle" where the goal is to listen to one another rather than to compete and persuade.

It is our view that the technology applied in this site will facilitate a dispersed learning experience, in which everyone is a learner and no single person is the master. As each member of a discussion takes care to attend to the gifts of knowledge, insight and wisdom brought by every other person, we expect to discern profound and powerful new theologies and practices for today and tomorrow.

We commend the book, Jesus Circles: a Way to Heal our Wounds, Subvert the Domination System, and Build an Abundant Future.[6] written by Peter Lawson, as an introduction to the philosophy and processes that we invite you to embrace as you join this enterprise.