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The Jesus Database has been a project supported by the FaithFutures Foundation for many years. More recently the project has moved to its own dedicated domain to reflect its ongoing significance as a project that serves both academic and general users.

The chief investigators for the Jesus Database project have been:

  • Dr Gregory C. Jenks
  • Dr Cameron Freeman

In 2011 and 2012, Dr Cameron Freeman undertook the task of completing initial publication of all 522 items. The next step in the project is then to begin adding critical commentary and links to selected online materials. Dr Freeman has been using the completed database to test a new criterion of authenticity which may assist in determining the extent to which sayings attributed to Jesus may be taken as deriving from him, rather than from his followers or common cultural materials of the time. This results of this research will be reported in technical journal articles as well as a planned monograph by Dr Freeman.

An international panel of consultants has been formed to oversee the next stage in the development of the Jesus Database, and we thank these colleagues for their encouragement and support:

  • John Dominic Crossan - one of the international leaders in historical Jesus research, Crossan has shaped the research agenda in this area for much of the last 30 years. He has contributed his 522 item historical Jesus inventory as the basis for the Jesus Database, and will provide advice on future development of the project once all the data has been collected and published.
  • Stephen J. Patterson - Geo. H. Atkinson Professor of Religious and Ethical Studies at Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, and a leading researcher in current historical Jesus studies. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Westar Institute and the Chair of the Steering Committee for the Jesus Seminar on Christian origins.
  • Mahlon H. Smith - Associate Professor Emeritus (Early Christianity), School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University. He has particular expertise in the development of web-based research projects in religion having created and managed award-winning Internet sites such as Into His Own, the Jesus Seminar Forum, the Synoptic Gospels Primer and the Virtual Religion Index.
  • Mervyn Thomas Partner (Biostatistics) at Emphron Informatics Pty Ltd and will serve as a consultant for database design and web-based research collaboration.
  • James A. Veitch Senior Lecturer, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University. A long-time Fellow of the Jesus Seminar, he will serve as a consultant for translation and editorial policy as the Jesus Database project is brought to completion.

Further funding opportunities are also being explored, and you can make a contribution to this project via the FaithFutures Foundation Support page.

Your continued support for the project is sincerely appreciated.