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women exploring their faith and their futures

The name, as well as indicating our links with the FaithFutures Foundation, refers of course to Sophia/Wisdom, the feminine divine principle, who figures in both the Hebrew and Christian Testaments but who has been rather overlooked in the past 2000 years.

I see this group as being participatory and sharing, in the way that good women's groups usually are. I think that together, we should determine what we will be about. I am hoping that new members will introduce themselves, telling us a little about who they are and what their interests are, and what they are hoping to find in soFFFia.

I am Marie Cameron and I live in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. I have spent most of my life to date as a committed Anglican. Some years ago now, I completed a Bachelor of Theology, during which I came to know a wonderful feminist Biblical scholar, Elaine Wainwright. I have been influenced by many progressive people including Elaine, Greg Jenks who was my Rector here in Toowoomba for a couple of years, and the writings of Spong, and am now feminist and universalist in my theology and spirituality. I just don't feel at home in my church any more, with what I see as its dated and patriarchal structure, doctrines and theology, so I rarely go to church. However, I do belong to a small homechurch group and a small feminist group here in Toowoomba. Both contribute hugely to my support and development.

In recent years, I have had ample experience of the joyfulness and energy of questing women who come together in groups, and I am hoping this can work in the cyber sphere as well. I hope that we can genuinely share and journey together. We do each have our own journey, but we can walk together for a little way along the journey and support each other.

I have noted that many open egroups tend to be dominated by men, who are often quite cerebral in their approach to topics. Experience, which is an important foundation for women's theology, tends to be discounted in favour of academic knowledge and learning. I think women tend to feel that they don't have the knowledge and learning to contribute and be accepted, and therefore remain silent quite often, and therefore the broader group loses the value of our contributions.

I hope this group will be a safe space where we can discuss things with each other with mutual respect and no putdowns. Archives as well as current messages are confidential to the members of soFFFia. And I hope we can develop confidence together to participate more fully in groups like FFForum [1] and Hodos [2]. Greg has said they need our wisdom, and I agree. Let's not let this become a women's ghetto, but a "womenspace" from where we can participate more fully in the broader e-society.

Enough of me, and my hopes and interests. Over to you, friends!


Marie Cameron

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Please note that membership is limited to women.