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The underlying philosophy of the wiki environment is to have unrestricted access so that as many people as wish to do so can contribute to the creation of a public text as collaborative authors. That philosophy also fits very happily the Core Values and Guiding Principles of the FaithFutures Foundation and is part of the reason for the Foundation embracing the wiki concept for the Jesus Then and Now project. Unfortunately the Faithfutures wiki site has been subjected to ongoing vandalism, including one major incident involving inappropriate changes to hundreds of pages.

Access options

As a result, the Trustees have agreed to operate the Faithfutures wiki with two levels of public access:

  • READ ONLY ACCESS - all our pages will be available to anyone visiting the site, but this level of access will not allow anonymous users to create new pages, edit existing pages or contribute to the discussion pages.
  • AUTHOR/EDITOR ACCESS - people wishing to participate in the ongoing development of the Faithfutures wiki project can request a user account which gives them the capacity to create new pages, to edit any content other than pages which have been protected from editing, or to contribute to the discussion pages.

Existing user accounts: If you had a user account at the Faithfutures wiki site prior to the vandalism which has led to this change of policy, then your user account will still be in place and you will continue to have full author/editor access. In such cases there is no need to create a new account. If you are not sure whether you have an existing account please send us an email so we can confirm the requirements:

Requesting your Author/Editor account

You may access all the pages in this project without registering as an author/editor, but anonymous users do not have the capacity to create pages, edit existing pages or contribute to the discussion pages.

The Trustees encourage anyone with an interest in contributing to the wiki projects sponsored by the Foundation to request a user account with author/editor privileges.

There is no cost for such a user account, although we encourage people also to have Membership in the Foundation.

However, there are some important responsibilities that apply. Anyone wishing to have author/editor privileges must agree:

  • to act together in accordance with the Foundation's Core Values and Guiding Principles; and
  • to observe the site protocols that are developed in light of experience here and more broadly in the wiki user community

Please note that a user account is a privilege extended to people who accept these conditions, and may be suspended or terminated in the case of inappropriate content or other activities which the Trustees determine to be in serious breach of the Foundation's Core Values and Guiding Principles.

For security reasons, and specifically to eliminate persistent vandalism of the site, all new user accounts are now created manually.


Thank you for your interest in our wiki project.

If you have any questions, or would like any further information, please contact us at

We do encourage you to consider becoming one of our author/editor members, so that together we can take full advantage of the powerful simplicity of the wiki software to develop a site of interest to a wide range of people and communities.

Pax et bonum,

Greg Jenks
FaithFutures Foundation