Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

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From the links in this page, and by using the search capacities built into the wiki site, you will be able to find many resources to assist in exploring this book by Marcus Borg

All the information available from the Jesus Database site may be drawn upon as appropriate to assist in your study of this book by Marcus Borg.

Study Guide

The FAITHFUTURES study guide prepared by Greg Jenks is designed to support a group working through Reading the Bible Again for the First Time over 12 sessions, but it can be adapted to alternative time frames such as two sets of 6 weeks or compressed into a single six session series.

The materials include a 92 page study guide for participants (with two additional essays to supplement the chapters in Reading the Bible Again for the First Time) as well as a 78 page set of leader's notes (including two further supplementary essays).

Retail Orders

The study guide may be purchased for US$10.00. Simply make a secure online payment via PayPal, or send a check (payable to "FAITHFUTURES") to the following address:

P.O. Box 4474
Forest Lake, Qld 4078


On receipt of your payment a copy of the PDF files will be sent by email.