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This page is part of the Progressive Communities series.

Who are we?

We are a growing network of people who are:

  • Committed to understanding emerging spiritualities especially in the Australian context.
  • Committed to exploring the boundaries of belief, ethics and spiritual experience, especially in the light of contemporary knowledge.
  • Committed to supporting practices, programs, policies and behaviors in society that are compassionate, just, and ecologically sustainable.

We understand ourselves to be part of a broader stream of humanity’s spiritual evolution. Our growing network is, to date, a group of people who through conversation, question the capacity of current religious institutions to meet the spiritual aspirations of many in our society unless there is significant change.

Our original core group comes from the Christian tradition and remains committed to the heart of Christianity - the words and deeds of Jesus, and the experience of the church of the New Testament.

We believe that there are many pathways which lead to spiritual awareness and a life which is reflective of a God of Love – and we welcome to our company all who want to join us on the journey.

The Network is auspiced by the West End Uniting Church. Our activities are normally based at the West End Uniting Church, Brisbane, Australia.

For further information about PSN, please go to the (external) PSN web site at: