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This page is part of the Study Guides project.

John Shelby Spong

A New Christianity for a New World: Why traditional faith is dying and how a new faith is being born.

From the links in this page, and by using the search capacities built into the Jesus Database site, you will be able to find many resources to assist in exploring this book by Bishop John Shelby Spong

Pages created for this study guide include:

  • links to supplementary resources for selected sessions:
  • extra resources to help with participants preparations
  • resources prepared by Keith McPaul for the NCNW study group at Maleny (AU)
  • list of publications by John Shelby Spong

Online Communities

You will find some older discussions in the archives of FFForum [1] and HODOS [2], but the default discussion pages for pages relating to Bishop Spong in general, and this book in particular, will most likely prove a rich source of materials and insights.

The Study Guide

The FFF study guide prepared by Greg Jenks is designed to support a group working through A New Christianity for a New World over 6 sessions.

The materials include two 44 page booklets: a study guide for participants and a set of leader's notes.

Retail Orders

The study guide may be purchased for US$10.00. Simply make a secure online payment via PayPal, or send a check (payable to "FAITHFUTURES") to the following address:

P.O. Box 4474
Forest Lake, Qld 4078


On receipt of your payment a copy of the PDF files will be sent by email.

Holy Manners

Jock McTavish and Wayne Holst from St David's United Church in Calgary, Canada have developed further resources for an online study program around NCNW. Their site offers some of the same resources as well as some materials not otherwise linked here.