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Marie Cameron lives a rich and varied life in retirement. She has been involved with Faith Futures Foundation from the beginning, participating in the hodos and FFForum egroups and being moderator of the soFFFia egroup.

Marie has been a practising Anglican for most of her life. However, a theology degree and a growing familiarity with the work of the Westar Institute, together with some difficult experiences in the church, has led her to step outside it for the time being. She would currently describe herself as post-Christian. She is still a person of faith and spirituality who has deep reverence for the historical Jesus, but she can no longer accept the exclusive claims of the church, nor its gendered language or outdated cosmology. She is a universalist who hopes for the drawing closer of the world's great religions in the future.

Currently, Marie is studying, together with a small group of women, a book by Carol Christ, "She Who Changes", which links process philosophy and theology with feminism. Christ is a Goddess feminist who used to be a Christian, and Marie finds much relevance for her life in this book.