Living with Jesus Now

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This page is part of the Jesus Then and Now project and acts as a gateway to resources for living the way of Jesus now.


Welcome to this community of open discourse seeking to mine the wisdom of Jesus for the Third Millennium. Join this exploration about how knowledge of "Jesus Then" can lead us, as John Spong says, to live fully, to love wastefully, and to be the best that we can be.

Or, how does following the historical Jesus enable us to live fully and fruitfully in the 21st century?

Or, what can we adapt from Jesus’ program and teaching to help us along the way and allow us to experience the undergirding beauty of life and existence?

We would love to know where/how/when you have found alternatives that work, how they work/where/when and at what cost - across the board.

From our survey, we hope to develop a comprehensive collection of concrete, workable alternatives.

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