LTQ9 Lives of Jesus

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This page is part of the Living the Questions series.

Son of God television series

The series mentioned in the participants' reading material as having been shown on the Discovery channel was the BBC series, "Son of God." This is available in video form but seems not to have been released in DVD format.

There is also a web site for this series, with some additional information and articles. [1]

The segment involving a forensic artist "restoring" a 1C Jewish skull to depict a typical male Jewish face from that time occurs in the third session, and may be worth using as an additional resource. It lasts 8 minutes and 47 seconds.

Historical Jesus studies and Christian faith

The article by Eizabeth A. Johnson, Jesus Research and Christian Faith may be helpful for participants to read, and especially if they find historical research into the human Jesus sits badly with their understanding of Jesus as a figure of faith.