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This page is part of the Living with Jesus Now series.

From the beginning of 2011 these weekly notes are published as The Once and Future Bible Lectionary Notes. The materials will continue to be posted here for easy access outside the the usual cycle. The new name for the series will link these notes with the book, The Once and Future Bible: An introduction to the Bible for religious progressives, published in January 2011.


The Lectionary pages are supported by the FaithFutures Foundation as a contribution the exploration of the meaning of the Jesus tradition for contemporary people of faith and their religious communities.

Typically a page will be named for the liturgical day in the common three year cycle, e.g. Lent5B is the page for the Fifth Sunday of Lent in Year B.

The following list may assist you in locating pages relevant to particular days:


Advent 1A | Advent 1B | Advent 1C
Advent 2A | Advent 2B | Advent 2C
Advent 3A | Advent 3B | Advent 3C
Advent 4A | Advent 4B | Advent 4C

Children's Resource: Advent for Children[1]


Christmas Eve | Christmas Day
Christmas 1A | Christmas 1B | Christmas 1C
Christmas 2A | Christmas 2B | Christmas 2C



The Sundays that follow Epiphany are part of a series that continues after Trinity Sunday, and the pages will be named Proper1A, Proper2A, etc.

Sunday between January 7 and 13
Proper 1A | Proper 1B | Proper 1C

Sunday between January 14 and 20
Proper 2A | Proper 2B | Proper 2C

Sunday between January 21 and 27
Proper 3A | Proper 3B | Proper 3C

Sunday between January 28 and February 3
Proper 4A | Proper 4B | Proper 4C

Due to the variable date for Easter day, the following may occur during Epiphanytide or after Pentecost:

Sunday between February 4 and February 10
Proper 5A | Proper 5B | Proper 5C

Sunday between February 11 and 17 (or May 8 and 14)
Proper 6A | Proper 6B | Proper 6C

Sunday between February 18 and 24 (or May 15 and 21)
Proper 7A | Proper 7B | Proper 7C

Sunday between February 25 and 29 (or May 24 and 28)
Proper 8A | Proper 8B | Proper 8C

On the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, the following may be used:
Last after Epiphany A | Last after Epiphany B | Last after Epiphany C


Lent Overview
Ash Wednesday
Lent 1A | Lent 1B | Lent 1C
Lent 2A | Lent 2B | Lent 2C
Lent 3A | Lent 3B | Lent 3C
Lent 4A | Lent 4B | Lent 4C
Lent 5A | Lent 5B | Lent 5C

Holy Week

Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy Saturday


Easter Day
Easter 2A | Easter 2B | Easter 2C
Easter 3A | Easter 3B | Easter 3C
Easter 4A | Easter 4B | Easter 4C
Easter 5A | Easter 5B | Easter 5C
Easter 6A | Easter 6B | Easter 6C
Easter 7A | Easter 7B | Easter 7C

Sundays after Pentecost

Trinity Sunday

Sunday between May 8 and 14 (if not used between February 11 and 17)
Proper 6A | Proper 6B | Proper 6C

Sunday between May 15 and 21 (if not used between February 18 and 24
Proper 7A | Proper 7B | Proper 7C

Sunday between May 24 and 28 (if not used between February 25 and 29)
Proper 8A | Proper 8B | Proper 8C

Sunday between May 29 and June 4 (if not observed as Trinity Sunday)
Proper9A | Proper9B | Proper9C

Sunday between Jun 05 and 11
Proper 10A | Proper 10B | Proper 10C

Sunday between Jun 12 and 18
Proper 11A | Proper 11B | Proper 11C

Sunday between Jun 19 and 25
Proper 12A | Proper 12B | Proper 12C

Sunday between Jun 26 and Jul 02
Proper 13A | Proper 13B | Proper 13C

Sunday between Jul 03 and 09
Proper 14A | Proper 14B | Proper 14C

Sunday between Jul 10 and 16
Proper 15A | Proper 15B | Proper 15C

Sunday between Jul 17 and 23
Proper 16A | Proper 16B | Proper 16C

Sunday between Jul 24 and 30
Proper 17A | Proper 17B | Proper 17C

Sunday between Jul 31 and Aug 06
Proper 18A | Proper 18B | Proper 18C

Sunday between Aug 7 and 13
Proper 19A | Proper 19B | Proper 19C

Sunday between Aug 14 and 20
Proper 20A | Proper 20B | Proper 20C

Sunday between Aug 21 and 27
Proper 21A | Proper 21B | Proper 21C

Sunday between Aug 28 and Sep 03
Proper 22A | Proper 22B | Proper 22C

Sunday between Sep 04 and 10
Proper 23A | Proper 23B | Proper 23C

Sunday between Sep 11 and 17
Proper 24A | Proper 24B | Proper 24C

Sunday between Sep 18 and 24
Proper 25A | Proper 25B | Proper 25C

Sunday between Sep 25 and Oct 01
Proper 26A | Proper 26B | Proper 26C

Sunday between Oct 02 and 08
Proper 27A | Proper 27B | Proper 27C

Sunday between Oct 09 and 15
Proper 28A | Proper 28B | Proper 28C

Sunday between Oct 16 and 22
Proper 29A | Proper 29B | Proper 29C

Sunday between Oct 23 and 29
Proper 30A | Proper 30B | Proper 30C

Sunday between Oct 30 and Nov 05
Proper 31A | Proper 31B | Proper 31C

Sunday between Nov 06 and 12
Proper 32A | Proper 32B | Proper 32C

Sunday between Nov 13 and 19
Proper33A | Proper 33B | Proper 33C

Sunday between Nov 20 and 26 (The Reign of Christ / Christ the King)
Proper 34A | Proper 34B | Proper 34C

In addition to the main page for a particular day, users are invited to create additional pages for liturgies, prayers, sermons and other materials relevant to that particular lectionary.

There will also be an opportunity for dialogue in the related discussion pages.

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