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One of the first things we need before we move much of the earlier JESUS DATABASE materials across to wiki, is a simple structure for the main page relating to each of the 522 items.

The draft template for a typical page (see below) will provide a starting point.

However, one of the technical issues to resolve will be how to handle long pages, and specifically how best to divide them so that people can find all the pages related to a particular item. Consistent use of the three digit inventory number in at the start of the title for each page will doubtless be part of the solution.

It is suggested that the principal page always include the following elements:

  • Data
  • Texts
  • Work to be Done

As the material related to a particular page grows, it may be necessary to have separate but related pages -- always with an internal link back to the principal page -- along the following lines:

nnn Commentary (see note below)
nnn Images
nnn Literature
nnn Parallels (and even: nnn Parallels Rabbinic, etc)
nnn Poetry
nnn Sermon Authorname

Note: As the size a commentary page reaches the limit found to be helpful, it may be possible to name pages according to the scholar whose views are being outlined or discussed, eg nnn Crossan, nnn Jesus Seminar, etc.

Whenever a separate page is created to resolve the problem poses by lonng pages, it will be important to include a link to the new page under the relevant section heading on the principal page, as well as a link back to the principal page from the secondary page. The link back to the principal page might be in the following form:

This page is part of the nnn Name of Item article in the Jesus Database project.


Page Name: Please observe the following protocol for consistency sake, and always check before creating a new page for an item to see if there may already be an existing page that you can simply edit.


nnn = three digit number between 001 and 522
Name_of_Item = name given to the item in the Crossan Inventory

Project Identifier: Each page intended to form part of the Jesus Database, should have the following line near the top of the page:

This page is part of the Jesus Database project of the FaithFutures Foundation.

Inventory Links: When a new page is created for one of the 522 items in the Crossan Inventory, please edit the inventory listing to create an internal wiki link from the name to the new page.

Page Structure: The following arrangement seemed to work well for 001 Mission and Message and might serve as a template for all other pages:

1. Data
2. Texts
3. Literature
4. Parallels
5. Commentary
6. Poetry
7. Images
8. Work to be Done

When sections are created in this way using the Level 2 Headline button the wiki software will automatically generate a Table of Contents for the page, even if some of the sections have no information in them at first.

A brief description of the kind of content for each of these sections follows ...

Data: This will be the list of passages considered to represent the particular item. Initially this is based on the list from John Dominic Crossan, but that list may be modified by the addition of other passages not included in the Crossan Inventory The data section will also include the brief annotations provided by Crossan for Stratum, Attestation, Historicity, Common Sayings Tradition, Miracle Tradition, etc.

Texts: This section will provide English texts for each passage. In time it may also be possible to include texts in Greek and other original languages.

Literature: This is where you might wish to list significant published materials, either in print or digital forms, relevant to the item in question. In many cases it will be appropriate to use standard Abbreviations for works cited in this way so we maintain some consistency across the project.

Parallels: The next section should always be created, even if it needs to be left blank at the time when a page is created. Subsequent editors may be able to add parallels from other parts of the Bible or from other ancient texts (pagan, Jewish, Islamic, etc).

Commentary: This section will include descriptions of commentary of the designated item by scholars, or brief citations from same. This is not the place for users to debate the interpretation of the passage by scholars, as that is usually best done in the DISCUSSION area attached to each page.

Poetry: This section may be used to publish a poem relevant to the particular item, provided that the poem is in the public domain or is published with the permission of the author (or other copyright holder).

Images: This section can be used to publish links to photographs and other graphics or images that are directly relevant to the page. In many cases this will be best done by a link to an external site, and in all cases care must be taken to observe copyright restrictions.

Work to be Done: It will always be helpful to indicate any tasks remaining to be done on a specific page, as they may be some other contributor who has the required information and/or the time to undertake some of the work still needed.

Work to be Done

These are minimal directions, and will doubtless be refined in the light of experience. However, I think they will provide a simple basis for us to begin moving the JESUS DATABASE materials across to wiki.

The biggest single task will be to copy and format the existing pages from the current version of the database to its new pages here.

Greg Jenks