Freedom to Explore

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Freedom to Explore is the working name for the Centre for Progressive Religious Thought (Sydney)

Freedom to Explore

Seeking and finding fullness of life beyond the beliefs and practices of formal religion

The aim of the centre is to be a forum where ideas about progressive religion, spirituality and life’s meaning can be explored in a safe and non judgmental place by those who have not been actively involved in organized religion or those involved with organized religion, have found it unsatisfactory and now wish to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional belief.


The objectives of the Centre are to:

  • Build a network of support for those who seek to discover and live by a progressive faith, sharing ideas and pursuing questions and answers.
  • Create an open and welcoming community that respects the spirituality of all participants, and encourages authentic interfaith engagement.
  • Promote progressive religious thought as an agent of change and renewal in faith communities and society.
  • Link with other groups and centre’s of progressive religious thought.