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Forest Lake Anglican Church[1] is a growing contemporary faith community located in the Forest Lake area on the SW edge of Brisbane (Australia).

We meet for Sunday worship in the Living Faith Chapel on the Alpine Place campus of Forest Lake College. map [2]

  • Enter through the main gates in Alpine Place and then follow the driveway to the large car park parallel to Forest Lake Boulevard. Enter the outer ring of school buildings using the ramp near the sports oval to find the Living Faith Chapel in the centre of the College.

Our Sunday service times are:

  • 8.00am — a traditional Anglican service of Holy Communion, with a quiet and reflective character.
  • 5.00pm — a family-friendly Eucharist, with contemporary music and an informal service format.

Our local priest is Greg Jenks, who also serves as Anglican Chaplain to Forest Lake College. Greg may be contacted by telephone on 0408 767 344, or by email [3]

We are part of the Anglican Parish of Centenary Suburbs and Forest Lake.

what kind of a community

Our church is open to persons of every age, race, sexual orientation, and religious background. We value diversity and respect freedom of thought because we believe the unique gifts that each person brings to our community enhance our common life.

Here is one way to describe some of the key features of our church life as an Anglican community in Forest Lake. [4]

  • Authentically Australian Anglicans: As Australian Anglicans we acknowledge the traditional landowners of the land where we now find ourselves and their timeless wisdom in this ancient land. As Anglican Australians we honour the Celtic vision of an inclusive faith for the whole community. As a spiritual community we value episcopal leadership, carefully ordered worship, intellectual rigour, and service to others.
  • Disciples of Jesus: We accept the Bible as a history of a people’s growing understanding of God. It helps us explore our relationship with God as we follow the practice and wisdom of the historical Jesus, who is present with us as the risen Lord: a living spirit of change, renewal and social activism in this world. As disciples of Jesus we take responsibility to act with compassion toward others and become involved in the community around us.
  • Gathered around the Table of the Lord: We value the sacraments as transformative rituals that empower us for faithful living. We especially honour the Eucharist as a ritual that expresses most deeply who we are as a community. Gathered around the Table of the Lord we celebrate the self-giving life of Jesus who draws us more deeply into the mystery of God.
  • Proudly progressive, intentionally inclusive: In response to God’s unconditional love, we seek to be an open and affirming community of progressive Christians who engage with all aspects of life in contemporary society. We are committed to welcoming all people as fellow children of God. Our doors and our hearts are open to all wishing to join us in worship and in our shared faith journey. We strive to create a vital community of God’s little ones as we care for one another.
  • Advocates of religious literacy: We promote religious literacy—the study and exploration of the Bible, its related historical and religious texts, and new shifts in theological thinking—as an opportunity for the Christian church to reclaim its mission as a vital spiritual force in the third millennium. We believe that recent critical investigations of the Bible and other historical and religious texts present us with an opportunity to better understand our religious heritage.
  • People on a faith journey: Our spiritual values are not wrapped in religious dogma. We are on a journey into a more faithful relationship with God and with each other. As a community of practice with a focus on personal and collective transformation, we are committed to making that journey together, and learning to appreciate one another’s different insights into holy living. We believe that the wisdom of Jesus calls us to look inside ourselves, to struggle with the questions of who we are and why we are here, and to create an environment that fosters faithfulness to God and to each other.
  • Agents of justice and peace: We strive to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. Reaching out to improve the human condition locally and throughout the world is important to us. We believe that God’s revelation through the life of Jesus calls us to live peacefully, love fully, and act as faithful stewards of the physical and spiritual universe. We speak out when we see injustice and seek ways to implement the teaching of Jesus, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”
  • A place of safety: Our church community is a sanctuary not an obstacle course. This is a place where people matter more than theology. We all make mistakes, and we all struggle with doubt and confusion. Your safety and freedom are assured during your time with us. And when it is time for you to move on in your life's journey, you will be released with genuine care as someone whose time with us has been a gift we have treasured.

Parish Information

  • Calendar of Events [5]
  • Discipleship and Faith Formation [6]
  • Children's Ministry [7]