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This page is part of the Death of Jesus curriculum unit.

Work program

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Lesson Five

This lesson and the one that follows should be used to explore ideas connected with Good Friday, including the historical development of this holy day, the shameful traditions of Christian anti-Semitism, and the major liturgical observances of this day.

You could plan the learning experiences around the following issues:

  • Why is this day called “Good Friday”?
Students could present some research findings on the history of Good Friday.
  • How is Good Friday observed?
Students could present information about different ways that Good Friday is observed by different churches and in different parts of the world. You should ensure that some attention is given to Anglican and Uniting Church traditions here, while not neglecting other Christian traditions.
  • Why are there so many different designs for Crosses?
Compile a set of differently shaped Crosses, and prepare brief notes on the history and meaning of each design. To get you started, here is one collection of common Cross designs.
  • Christian violence against Jews
... see next lesson ...