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This page is part of the Death of Jesus curriculum unit.

Work program

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Lesson Three

For this lesson you could focus on what we know about crucifixion as a form of capital punishment.

Students could be asked to prepare information about the following questions and then to present their findings briefly to the class:

  • Define crucifixion
  • What is the history of its development in the ancient world?
  • How was it used? What crimes were punished by crucifixion?
  • How did crucifixion kill people? (physical phenomena, duration, etc)
  • Did anyone ever survive being crucified?
  • What usually happened to the corpse after crucifixion?

You may wish to watch the segment “Danger to Jesus” from the BBC Son of God series.

Online resources

There are a number of sites that offer information about ancient crucifixion practices, but the following are recommended as neutral academic sites:

The following non-academic site also has lots of useful information and links: