492 Become Full

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(1) ApJas 3:6-9 [=SecJas 3:11-18]

Crossan analysis:

Item: 492
Stratum: IV (120-150 CE)
Attestation: Single
Historicity: -


(1) ApJas 3:6-9 [=SecJas 3:11-18]

Therefore, I say to you, become full and leave no place within you empty, or else the one who is coming will be able to mock you." 12 Then Peter responded, "Look, three times you have told us, `Become [full,' but] we are full." 13 The [Lord replied], "This [is why I told] you, [`Become full,' so] that [you] might not [be lacking; those who are lacking] will not [be saved]. 14 For fullness is good [and lacking], bad. 15 Therefore, inasmuch as it's good for you to lack but bad for you to be filled, whoever is full tends to be lacking. 16 One who lacks is not filled in the same way that another who lacks is filled; but whoever is full receives his just deserts. 17 Therefore, it's fitting to lack while it's possible to fill yourselves, and to be filled while it's possible to lack, so that you may be able [to fill] yourselves the more. 18 Therefore, [become] full of the spirit but lacking in reason. For reason is of the soul; indeed, it is soul." [Complete Gospels]

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