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Testament of Dan (T12P)

5:1 Observe the Lord's commandments, then, my children,

and keep his law.
Avoid wrath,
and hate lying.
in order that the Lord may dwell among you,
and Beliar may flee from you.
2 each of you speak truth clearly to his neighbor,
and do not fall into pleasure and trouble making,
but be at peace, holding to the God of peace.
thus no conflict will overwhelm you.
3 Throughout all your life love the Lord,

and one another with a true heart. [OTP]

Testament of Issachar (T12P)

5:1 Keep the Law of God, my children;

achieve integrity; live without malice,
not tinkering with God's commands or your neighbor's affairs.
2 Love God and your neighbor;

be compassionate toward poverty and sickness. [OTP]


A proselyte approached Hillel with the request Hillel teach him the whole of the Torah while the student stood on one foot. Hillel responded, "What you find hateful do not do to another. This is the whole of the Law. Everything else is commentary. Now go learn that!" (Babylonian Talmud, [Makkot], 23b-24a)