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John Dominic Crossan

Crossan [Historical Jesus] (p.349) draws on this cluster for his discussion of "the Message of an Open Secret." Other complexes used for this purpose include two that focus on the openness of the message: 009 Who Has Ears [1/5] and 053 Knowing the Times [1/3?]; four that share the same theme but may involve a move in emphasis from Jesus himself to the disciples as "healed healers:" 021 The Worlds Light [1/4], 036 Lamp and Bushel [1/3], 078 The Mountain City [1/2] and 079 Open Proclamation [1/2]; and five others judged less likely to derive from Jesus himself: 066 Wise and Understanding [1/2], 045 Father and Son [1/3], 052 Yoke and Burden [1/3], 067 Hidden since Eternity [1/2], and 014 Eye Ear Mind [1/4].

Crosssan comments:

[The] appeal to common nature rather than special Scripture goes back to Jesus, ... the missionaries have a message that is neither private nor clandestine, neither hidden nor occult, neither secret nor mysterious. (p. 349)