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John Dominic Crossan

Crossan [Historical Jesus](228) mentions this cluster when discussing the development of an early non-apocalyptic interpretation of Jesus that imagined him more in sapiential terms and seems to have been popular at Corinth by the time of Paul's letters in the middle of the first century as well as being expressed in the Gospel of Thomas. Other clusters that seem to share this concern would include:

Jesus Seminar

The Jesus Seminar only recognized one text within this cluster: Thom 37:2-3. The commentary reads as follows:

The removal of one's clothes can be understood in different ways ... as an allusion to Christian baptism, where the naked candidate is reborn; ... as a return to the heavenly state in which humans have shed their bodies; ... the primordial state of androgyny in which the sexes are not differentiated. It is striking that in 37:3 Jesus speaks about himself; this is rare among sayings attributed to Jesus. [Five Gospels, 494]

Gerd Luedemann

Luedemann [Jesus] (609) concludes:

The sayings are inauthentic and completely at home in a Gnostic thought world.

John P. Meier

Meier does not comment on this cluster in the first three volumes of [A Marginal Jew].